A propos de la colocation

  • Appartement
  • 3 chambres total
  • 1 chambres disponibles (Simple)
  • 1 salle(s) de bain
  • 3 mois minimum
  • Disponible maintenant
  • Meublée

A propos des colocataires

2 homme, de 18 à 35 ans, salarié

Colocataires recherchés

de 23 à 35 ans, salariés

Description de la chambre à louer

we rent a room in a flatsharing of 3 persons.

in the appartment there are 3 rooms , a kitchen , a bathroom and a separate toilet.

one room(occupied) has a private kitchen inside the room !! so the common kitchen would be utilized by only 2 persons!!

furniture is standard bed of 1,4 m large ; wardrobe , table, chair,

the appartment is in rue de strasbourg(under place de strasbourg near the new buildings)) !! it is 5 minutes walk from station !! it is ideal to go go working to CLOCHE D'OR. shopping and restaurants are very near

the room is available and you can visit

i remain at your disposal


Annonce n° H2003259313052

Publiée le 4 avril 2020