A propos de la colocation

  • Maison
  • 6 chambres total
  • 6 chambres disponibles (Double)
  • 2 salle(s) de bain
  • 6 mois minimum
  • Disponible maintenant
  • Jardin
  • Meublée
  • Wifi

A propos des colocataires

5 mixte, de 18 à 30 ans, mixte, fumeurs uniquement à l'extérieur

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Description de la chambre à louer

Room in a very central house in Rollingergrund/Belair renovated about a year ago

If you choose the rooms to be furnished, the rooms will contain at least:

- big bed

- cupboard

- desk

- 2 chairs

- small table

- other furniture might be added depending on the space in the room.

The house is split into two apartments comes with a Living room.

In addition there will be washing machine and dryer.

It will have 2 bathrooms with toilet.

Pricing is based on 1 person living in the room.

Annonce n° H18070717291782

Publiée le 8 mai 2021