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My name is Karolina, I'm from Vienna and I'll be a trainee with the EU Parliament's DG Translation from March to July. I'm a super clean tenant (ask my Viennese flatmate!), interested in everything (but especially languages, space flight, music and art, politics, activism and literature), and very much used to flatsharing.

Encore une chose, vu que le francais est une de mes langues de travail n'hésite s.t.p. pas de me répondre dans ta langue préférée, même si j'avoue que je me sens un peu plus à l'aise en anglais ou allemand. :-)

Looking to move to Luxembourg around the middle or end of February so I can get settled before my traineeship starts on the 1st of March.

If you have any more questions or would like to chat over the phone/videocall, just let me know. Hope to hear from you soon!

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Publiée le 13 janvier 2022