A propos de la colocation

  • Appartement
  • 2 chambres total
  • 1 chambres disponibles (Double)
  • 1 salle(s) de bain
  • 5 mois minimum
  • Disponible à partir du 27 septembre
  • Jardin
  • Meublée
  • Terrace / Balcon
  • Wifi

A propos des colocataires

1 femme, salarié, non-fumeurs

Colocataires recherchés

femme, de 25 à 41 ans, salariés

Description de la chambre à louer


I am renting a room in a flat in Gasperich.

There would be 2 of us sharing the flat, so it is not like a standard collocation...it is a real Home♡ ;) So we should really have a good energy together.

So...there is a balcony towards the south ;) With a transat and grill. ;) There is a garden - Sometimes I do yoga in there...We have been also doing great bbq parties with friends there.

The flat is completely renovated - the common place is kitchen/dining room and there are 2 separate bedrooms.

There is a wooden parket - not a common thing in Lux. ;)

There are 2 bus stops just outside the house...2, 23, and 18. And we are 10 minutes walking from Gare...and 10 mins by bus from the city center. :) And even walking distance to Cloche d'Or - new shopping center.

And we know one another very well with all the neighbours...they are amazing. :))) There are 7 flats only in the house.

It is available from the end of september 27th I guess- the 1st of October would do too. ;)

I would prefer a lovely girl. ;) But we could give it a try with guys too... ;)

I will give u much more info once we talk...So do not hesitate to send me a pm. ;)

I include some pics...It can come with or without bed...If you have yours...But we talk about the details. ;)


Annonce n° H190909224753289

Publiée le 9 septembre 2019