A propos de la colocation

  • Appartement
  • 5 chambres total
  • 1 chambres disponibles (Partagée)
  • 2 salle(s) de bain
  • 2 mois minimum
  • Disponible à partir du 1 juillet
  • Meublée
  • Wifi

A propos des colocataires

4 mixte, de 18 à 35 ans, mixte, non-fumeurs

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Description de la chambre à louer

Hello there, I am renting out my room in Esch-sur-Alzette for 3 months this summer (July-October). It is located on the third floor in a nicely renovated old building calm street close to the center. I have four roommates (2W, 2M) that share a common kitchen and bathroom, but they're all very kind! Almost all of us speak French, German and English fluently and we're mixed between students, PHD students and working people.

The room itself will be 575€/mo - if you are interested, please leave me a message via mail.

Annonce n° H220522201548567

Publiée le 22 mai 2022