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My name is Simon, 28 years old, comes from Denmark.

I will be studying at University of Luxembourg from February to August and I therefore search for a place to stay. I currently reside in Venice where I am doing my first semester of my master's degree in human rights and democratisation and during the next semester, where I'll be studying in Luxembourg, I am going to right my thesis. This means that I will spent a lot of time in reading rooms, studying, but when I am not studying, I'd love to go explore Luxembourg city to see if it has anything interesting to offer. As a person, I consider myself open minded and easy to get along with. I love to take part in social activities like dinner evenings with board game and red wine and prefer this to wild and crazy nightlife. In my freetime I love doing sports and everything from yoga to football cathces my interest. I equally enjoy cooking so hopefully, if I'll be your roomate, you be able to benefit from that. Currently, I speak only english but I hope to pick up some french during my semester in Luxembourg.

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Publiée le 5 décembre 2018